Derbycon 5.0 “Unity” September 23rd-27th, 2015

Welcome to DerbyCon 5.0 – “Unity”. This is the place where security professionals, hobbyists, and anyone interested in security come to hang out. DerbyCon V will be held September 23-27th, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Louisville Kentucky. Training is held on Wednesday and Thursday (September 23rd and 24th) and the conference the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (September 25th – 27th). DerbyCon 4.0 pulled in over 2,000 people with an amazing speaker lineup and a family-like feel. We continue to make the conference better each year and have a ton of new and exciting things planned for this year. Please excuse the website as it is currently under construction and planning for DerbyCon 5.0!

DerbyCon 4.0 was by far our favorite one. The atmosphere and people were simply amazing. We sent out a large feedback survey and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We want to keep along that same tradition and make this year even better. Check out the video below for a quick look at how DerbyCon 4.0 turned out: